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3 universities online free to study in Mexico

3 universities online free to study in Mexico

In Mexico there are today institutions offering quality free of charge distance education and other studies that you can perform within them have official validity before the Ministry of education publishes (SEP), these are, the University Nacional Autonoma of Mexico (UNAM), the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the Secretariat of public education (UnADM) and each one of them all off is a University online free, however there are other institutions from different countries that provide complementary courses to strengthen education in different areas of higher education and that they are free which you will find throughout our website, here you will find a brief summary about these courses and also the universities to distance mentioned above, don't forget that you can find more detailed information as requirements or dates for announcements on the University here, only you have to click on the link for each one of them.

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National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

The Open University system and distance (SUAyED) education is the body responsible for managing the entire open education and distance from the UNAM where not only are given degrees but also graduates, masters and baccalaureate distance.

The SUAyED system is not only a system of distance education but they also have an open mode.

They have 40 years of experience providing studies to distance.universidades free online
It has student services including scholarships and services granted to students in the classroom as access to libraries or to CELEX (foreign languages centers) for all students in online mode or mode open
They have degrees in design and Visual communication, law, Social work, pedagogy, psychology, computer science among others of high demand.
National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)

Polivirtual is the IPN system for distance education.

It is free just like the SUAyED a University online.

Polivirtual is a new system for the IPN and therefore is a system that has very few degrees (Bachelor's degree in international trade, public accountant, Bachelor's degree in international business, trade, Bachelor degree in administration and business development).

They have a mixed modality for Bachelor's degree in tourism.
They provide student services such as scholarships or access to libraries of the IPN.
Open University and distance from Mexico (UNADM)

UNADM is part of the SEP.

It offers services to students as scholarships and access to an enormous amount of digital resources.

Despite being an institution to distance this account with different centers throughout the Mexican Republic as a whole.

Account with a varied list of degrees to choose between them is engineering in Software development, engineering in environmental technologies, biotechnology engineering, administration of companies among others of high demand.

It is one of the few universities online free offering engineering between its academic offer to study.

These three universities online free with excellent services not only at the time of taking classes but also offer a lot of services which are always important for the formation of a student, while in M Mexico there are more colleges online these have a cost and those named above are all free.

We hope that you find the information you need, don't forget that if you need to investigate a school already is on the convening, schedule or degrees that offer you can click on the titles of each school.

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