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Am I eligible for the executive MBA at SCIT?

Am I eligible for the executive MBA at SCIT?

The Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology located in the heart of Pune is one of the premier management institutes when it comes to conducting programs in executive MBA in Pune. While other institutes claim to offer managerial training through their part time programs, SCIT is amongst the few to address the situation seriously. The executive MBA program comes with a curriculum that is developed exclusively in accordance to the needs of the industry. From the subjects to be covered to the mode of training being practiced, every detail is carefully taken care of in order to ensure that the program is able to meet the needs of the aspiring professionals. 

The key eligibility criteria

As is the case with any MBA program, the executive MBA at SCIT, Pune will also take in students on the basis of the eligibility criteria that they are able to clear. First things first, the program looks at taking students that have the required work experience. At least three years of work experience is required when applying to the executive MBA program at SCIT. Needless to say, this experience has to be in the IT sector. Also, the participants with greater work experience are given preference. So make sure your portfolio looks good.

Take time to prepare an impressive CV that is able to highlight all your work profile properly. You can mention the projects that you have handled, the turnovers that you have facilitated and everything else that you have done for the organization during your tenure of being associated with them.

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Justify your preference

When you choose an executive MBA program, don’t expect the admission procedure to be a cakewalk. The experts will take every effort to understand your interest in the domain. You will be expected to justify your interest in the institute as well as the course that your pursuing. 

Present a career plan

During the interview for the executive MBA in Pune, the experts are going to ask you about your career plan. How you plan things and where do you see yourself after the course is over. This is where they will look to analyse your confidence in the program and its ability. However, while answering you need not have a ten year plan ready. Because be realistic, these days professionals cant be sure about such extensive durations The key here is to be honest about your career plan and also convey your seriousness about the issue. 


In addition to the above criteria, the eligibility for admission also depends on the confidence that you exhibit while giving answers. Faking it will not help. What you don’t know is best accepted as your ignorance. You can always brush up the basics before you sit for the interview just to be doubly sure about your answers. 

So, if you are a professional and believe that you have the potential, SCIT’s executive MBA is your best bet to give direction to your career.

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