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Executive MBA Or the Online Course: Which One to Choose

Executive MBA Or the Online Course: Which One to Choose

When it comes to education, compromise is a strict no-no. Even parents will spend money to ensure that their children get a good education. Similarly, when it comes to professionals who want to get back to the classroom, the compromise on quality is best avoided. After all, earning an executive MBA degree will ensure that you are better equipped to handle your current job as well as amplify the number of opportunities that you get. In simple terms, your future prospects become better. The Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune is one of the premier institutions offering a full time as well as executive MBA course in the relative niche domain of telecommunications. 

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Having acquired the expertise by delivering consecutive batches of highly talented professionals to the telecom industry, SITM has proven its expertise in the sector. However, there are many professionals that continue to struggle with their dilemma of making the right choice when it comes to executive MBA in Pune. The dilemma is bound to happen due to the plethora of options. But, you must learn to see beyond the doubt in order to choose reputed institutions like SITM.

The online course

One may ask that since the online medium is already offering a course, why should we opt for institutions like SITM. Isn’t the online option better where I can learn without going to any class? If you have such doubts, simply ask yourself whether an online program provides access to teachers who will solve your doubts or introduce you to the new concepts. This is where the role of the executive MBA in Pune by SITM becomes even more prominent. After all, they provide the best in class faculty ensuring that the students get maximum opportunities to learn. 

Learning at its best

When enrolling for an online MBA program, you are left with the responsibility of learning on your own. On the other hand, the executive MBA in telecom management at SITM is all about faculties and industry experts interacting with the participants and enhancing their ability to learn. 

A schedule in place 

With the executive MBA at SITM, you have a schedule in place. There are classes conducted on every weekend. You are given regular assignments, projects, etc. all of which are aimed towards increasing your ability to learn. Don’t expect the same effectiveness when you enroll for an executive MBA through one of the online portals. 

You establish contacts

At SITM, it is a routine to have experts from the industry come and interact with the executive MBA participants. As and when you interact with them, you actually end up laying the foundations of a strong network. These contacts can come in handy even at a later point of your career when you are planning to make a shift or working hard to see a project through. However, since the online medium involves minimal interaction, chances of establishing any such contacts are also rare. 

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