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Five things you need to know about the SCIT Executive MBA in Pune

Five things you need to know about the SCIT Executive MBA in Pune

The Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology is one of the pioneers when it comes to propagating the cause of IT education in India. Founded by the highly esteemed Symbiosis group, SCIT has helped thousands of students achieve their goals and build promising careers in the domain of information technology. With a curriculum developed in accordance to the latest and most relevant changes to have set a trend in the industry, SCIT uses a holistic approach that carefully balances the need of academic training and extra-curricular activities. This in turn ensures that the students get to learn better which helps in their evolution as better as well as talented professionals.

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Here are five things that you must know about the executive MBA in Pune being offered by Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology. 

Learning from industry experts

As part of its curriculum, SCIT regularly invites industry experts to teach the students. These experts share their insights, talk about the latest developments in the industry and other relevant details. The session is made to be interactive so that the participants learn while they enjoy. 

It’s a weekend only course

SCIT’s executive MBA program is a weekend only course. This in turn empowers the participants to freely pursue their jobs during the weekdays and academic training on the weekends. After all, even professionals have their weekends off!

Comprehensive curriculum

SCIT’s executive MBA program is a comprehensive training module. Everything from the basics to the advanced level subjects is carefully covered giving the students maximum possible exposure. The topics included are highly relevant to the on-going industry scenario. In fact the curriculum is regularly updated in order to ensure that participants opting for the program don’t miss out on anything. 

Higher rate of interest

When choosing an executive MBA program, the primary motive is to invest in a better future, isn’t it? We all look to gain a better job from a higher qualification, that’s the simple fundamental. At SCIT, the faculty treats the executive MBA with as much priority as its full time MBA program. This in turn guarantees that at the end of the course when the students walk out with a Symbiosis tag on his or her CV, they automatically become eligible for better opportunities. 

Getting back to the classroom is easier

A lot of people don’t realize it, but getting back to the classroom can be a little too tough especially when you are used to the liberties of a 9 to 5 job. The SCIT executive MBA program tries to make this transition as smooth as possible by planning the entire module in a manner that it is easy for them to adapt. For example, the basics that they have already learnt through experience are coolly ignored because they don’t need to learn from scratch. 

Taking care of several such nuances, SCIT has surely emerged as one of the best places to pursue an executive MBA in the domain of Information Technology.

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