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How to enrol for the executive MBA in HR by SCMHRD

How to enroll for the executive MBA in HR by SCMHRD

Human resource management is a field that is still in its nascent stage of development. While there are many that claim to know the area, but few have the expertise. Thanks to this gap, the demand for skilled HR professionals is high. From managing the employees to creating a working environment that casts a positive impression on the minds of the workers, the job profile of HR managers is vast. Currently, the Symbiosis Centre for Human Resource Management is counted as one of the most reputed institutes in the country when it comes to pursuing the MBA in Human Resource (MBA in HR) Management. However, SCMHRD is also the first to understand the industry requirements and accordingly introduce an executive MBA option that is dedicated to training professionals.

For those who don’t know, the executive MBA is for professionals who have a valid experience and are keen to add more value to their resume in the form of a CV that makes them eligible for better job opportunities. Taking into consideration, the experience and qualification of professionals, the program does not focus on basics. Instead, it is more about the advanced knowledge that gives the professionals a better perspective of the industry.

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Conducted by experts, the program is a compilation of carefully chosen subjects that talks about the importance of human resource management and how it helps in improving the overall functionality of the business. In the past, the human resource was not given importance because it was assumed that salary is the only thing governing the employees. However, with a passage of time and the occurrence of several corporate disasters, the cause of which was clearly linked to the improper handling of employees, the importance of human resource management has become extremely important. 

Enrolling for the executive MBA by SCMHRD is not tough. Though you don’t have any entrance exam to clear, prospective participants are analyzed on various aspects. For example, when you send in your application, the program focuses on analyzing your eligibility. Your work experience counts, therefore, ensure that you are presenting it accordingly. Detailing the projects that you have handled, the turnovers that you have generated and other such intricacies may be extremely useful because they add weight to your CV.

In fact, acknowledging your mistakes also makes a big difference because it establishes the modesty and honesty in your character. Basis the applications received, shortlisted options are invited for further processing. This requires you to prepare for the next round where the expert panel will test your knowledge and understanding about the industry. 

In cases where the admission is confirmed, candidates receive a written confirmation from the institute with all details about the initiation date of the program.

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