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Life as an MBA: Your best shot at learning

Life as an MBA: Your best shot at learning

When people talk about the MBA in Information Technology, the general perception is that life is going to be very tough for the next two years. After all, students are expected to be busy with their studies leaving little or no time to enjoy the remainder of their life on campus. Well if you are talking about ordinary B schools, this perception may be true to some extent. But at Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology, the whole idea of an MBA is to prepare a student for the corporate life that lies ahead of him or her. As is a well-known fact, corporate life is not about just slogging, it is more about smart work. SCIT focuses on updating the students with the knowledge as well as the skill in order to equip them with the needed attitude to end up as successful professionals. 

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Extra-curricular activities

When it comes to MBA in IT at SCIT, co-curricular activities are a part of the daily lifestyle. These activities give students the much needed exposure and also ensure that he or she gets to exercise their management skills in the initial phase. What’s more is that management is quite a complex subject and it is through these activities that the students get to relax and absorb what they learn. 

Industry exposure as well

Events and activities at SCIT are also a way of improving the industry interface. When students at the MBA in IT program are a part of these events, they get to interact with the industry experts participating in these occasions. This is what helps them build the initial contact which can be fruitful at a later stage. 

Learning opportunity

Inviting industry experts to SCIT events is actually a learning opportunity that helps the students understand their industry in a better way. From discussing the latest topics to sharing insights on relevant trends, these industry experts provide a lot of inputs that end up being valuable tips about what to expect in the future when they step into the corporate world as professionals. 

Area of interest

The extra curricular activities at SCIT are also an excellent opportunity to connect with the industry and understand the various domains of information technology. IT as we know it has evolved at a frantic pace in the last few years. In fact, what was previously just one category has now branched out into several classifications making it difficult for the students to narrow down their area of interest. The extra curricular activities give students a chance to understand their classification and accordingly narrow down to their preferred area of interests, each time they interact with industry experts. 

It is this holistic approach of educating that ensures the two years invested in the MBA in IT program end up becoming the catalysts that lead to the metamorphism of their learning curve in the upward direction. 

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