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MBA Online

MBA Online

Master's presentation of MBA online

Globalization and increasing competitiveness in today's business world make applied knowledge a fundamental tool for success. This context requires us to consider what we can do to progress and adapt our capacities to the changing needs of organizations.

Specialized academic training at postgraduate level is now indispensable for many professionals. Having an MBA is often a requirement and a differentiating element for access and progression in the professional career.

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The program delves into aspects such as leadership, decision-making, productivity, competitiveness and corporate social responsibility.

Main objectives of the Master's degree

1. To offer advanced knowledge in the management and direction of companies, with a special focus on the knowledge and development of capacities and managerial skills such as the leadership and the decision making.

2. To develop a comprehensive vision of the knowledge necessary for the management and direction of the areas of marketing and sales, looking for the development of strategic marketing formulations that carry these strategies to the final client and contribute results to Companies.

3. To contribute the essential knowledge in main areas of the management and business direction such as the finances and the human resources, deepening in those essential aspects at the level of manager and management.
Master's Recipients

The profile of students who carry out high-level training programmes is very varied, with all the branches of education being present, in which according to the type of program, they will have more weight branches of sciences or of letters (sciences, engineerings, humanities, Economics and Administration... etc.).

This type of training programs is directed mainly to graduates, graduates or university grads, being able to study them also in their own version of students that can contribute equivalent professional experience in the area in which Develop the program.


01.-Strategy and leadership
This area of the MBA is aimed at obtaining a global vision of the company from the perspective of the Directorate General, analyzing its situation, that of its environment and its competence to increase the creation of value and implement the most appropriate strategy to obtain Competitive advantages and create new business opportunities and investment both domestic and international.

Its content enhances strategic thinking, analyzes the management functions, tools for managing and solving problems and business situations.

Implementation of the marketing strategy to analyze the situation of the company and its competence, in order to make the necessary decisions to achieve a differentiated positioning and obtain competitive advantages. Choosing the target market well and the business strategy is one of the most important marketing decisions. 

Digital marketing has surpassed the classic concept of marketing Mix 4ps (product, price, the point of sale and promotion). We are facing a global scenario where the customer has more information capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to position the company on the Internet (organic positioning-SEO-) and to make payment campaigns (SEM) to attract new clients and obtain greater presence and visibility, since non-digital companies will not be competitive. 

Analysis of new Marketing trends, based on the study of brain perceptions and the reactions of people to advertising impacts. This makes it necessary to have a thorough understanding of the behavior of potential clients and their emotions.
03.-People and equipment

Knowing how to direct people and manage teams, with their emotions and motivations, and integrating them in the culture and objectives of the company is of crucial importance to establish competitive advantages and to obtain of the human capital a high performance. This area addresses key issues such as visionary and resonant leadership in teamwork management, change management, emotional intelligence, recruitment techniques, motivation and retention of talent, working environment, compensation and Benefits and the skills of negotiation and internal communication.


In decision making it is essential to anticipate and analyze with the utmost rigour the financial impact that each one of them can have, since the viability of the company depends to a great extent on a good planning, management and optimization of the financial resources. The financial Plan must provide for the necessary short-and long-term resources so that the company can develop its business normally and meet its payment commitments, maintain an image of solvency, undertake investment and production projects to Manufacture the quantities, types of products and qualities necessary for their proper functioning.

05.-Operations and value chain

The Integral management of operations allows analyzing the key factors (design, planning, improvement, and control) of the production processes and value chain, in order to offer to the client's products with the maximum value to the minimum cost and to obtain advantages Competitively. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the impact of new technologies, innovation, information systems and quality management techniques and tools.

Logistics is now of paramount importance since it covers the integral management of purchases, storage, transport, and distribution. In production and investments, the processes of productivity, performance, planning, and scheduling of investments and new technologies applied to production are analyzed. 

Technological, commercial and organizational innovation is crucial to the success of the company, to differentiate itself from competition, to increase productivity, to face an environment of constant change and to obtain competitive advantages.

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