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Planning an executive MBA in Pune: SITM is your best choice

Planning an executive MBA in Pune: SITM is your best choice

Pune is the Oxford of East, rightly known so because of the plethora of educational institutions that it houses. Primarily Pune is known to be home to the world famous Symbiosis Colleges. Originally when Symbiosis came into existence, there was no mention of executive MBA in Pune. The singular purpose was to give the international students a warm and friendly learning environment. However, as time passed, the realm of Symbiosis grew and today it is home to some of the finest educational institutions in the world including the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management.

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A one of its kind initiative, SITM is located in the hilly locales of Lavale. The serene atmosphere of the campus facilitates the creation of a learning environment that is extremely effective. The college started out as one of the only institutes in the city to provide full time programs in the relatively niche specialization of telecom management. However, a few years later, SITM expanded its realm to include executive MBA In Pune. This inclusion was in response to the ever increasing demand of the industry for a program that would help professionals strengthen their resume by adding the much needed qualification of MBA in Telecom Management to their resume.

While there are many part time MBA programs in Pune, not all of them are able to match upto the high standards set by SITM. From bringing in world class faculty to using interactive teaching methodologies, SITM leaves no stone unturned. It is this passion to excel that makes SITM one of the best choices for executive MBA In Pune. As is the tradition for executive MBA in Symbiosis, SITM preaches a curriculum that is in accordance to the latest industry standards. This in turn ensures that when the participants step out at the end of the program, they have the required knowledge to take up the challenging roles in the industry.

Additionally, unlike the other part time MBA in Pune options, this program is conducted exclusively on weekends. Students don’t have to sacrifice their jobs in order to pursue the program. This makes it easier for them to manage the finances as well. As far as the affordability of the training is concerned, SITM is again the best bet. This is because adding the Symbiosis tag to your CV automatically strengthens it. After all, Symbiosis has an industry reputation which is respected even today.

Applying to the SITM executive MBA in Pune is easy. Applicants don’t have to bother about entrance tests. However, it is important for them to clear the eligibility criteria. You can always refer to the website to get a clear idea about the same. Submit your applications directly to the SITM college. These are then shortlisted in accordance to the eligibility criteria. The shortlisted students are invited for the next round of personal interview that follows.

Classes begin soon after the final merit list is announced!

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