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Review of Pfeiffer University's Masters in Business Administration (MBA Program)

Review of Pfeiffer University's Masters in Business Administration (MBA Program)

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Pfeiffer University's Masters in Business Administration (MBA program) is offered at different locations throughout North Carolina, for example, the cities of Charlotte and Durham.

The MBA program offered by Pfeiffer University concentrates on training college students in comprehending all the core skills that are essential in owning, operating and working within the corporate world in the United States. The typical MBA class size is close to fifteen or more college students, that enables student discussions in greater detail with other classmates as well as the teacher. The particular smaller college classes make it possible for in-depth discussions towards business operations and functions; to ensure that college students can use and apply the information that is provided in required MBA books.

The faculty that teaches the MBA program for Pfeiffer University encourages classroom dialogue among all the students in making sure that all the information is comprehended. The final results echo the achievements of the MBA program with increased enrollment demands. Presently, Pfeiffer University's MBA program enrollment rank in the top five among all the university's in North Carolina. The curriculum used in the MBA program at Pfeiffer is similar to what is used in Wake Forest's MBA program as well as other top universities within North Carolina.

The initial step to enter into the MBA program at Pfeiffer University includes mailing in a completed application for admittance along with a seventy-five dollar application fee. The next step is for a prospective student is to get all past college transcripts to submit to the Registrar's Office at Pfeiffer University. The next step that a prospective student is submitting a Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to Pfeiffer University Registration Office. Additionally, Pfeiffer University also gives the prospective student a test called Pfeiffer Graduate Exam Aptitude (PGEA) that can be substituted for the GMAT or GRE test. Pfeiffer's PGEA test is designed around the information provided on the GMAT or GRE. The next step for admission requirements into the MBA program is that the prospective college student needs to get three letters of recommendation from known professionals to attest that the prospective student is a great candidate for admission into the MBA program. The last step is to complete or show evidence of successful completion of the actual following requirements that include Accounting I and II, Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics as well as Statistics. These classes must be completed before you can begin the actual MBA program at Pfeiffer University.

Pfeiffer University's MBA program although similar in material that is taught by other major universities in North Carolina differentiates itself by offering a very affordable tuition for the specific classes required to complete an MBA degree. The total cost for the MBA program is around fourteen thousand dollars compared to a forty thousand dollar cost for example such as Wake Forest University's MBA program. Also, Pfeiffer University's MBA program is geared toward working adults and that's why classes are held in the evening to provide flexibility to working adults. To keep up with changing technology in regards to education delivery, college students can take Pfeiffer's MBA classes online as well. However, you should attend traditional classes if you can because it provides for greater interaction with other students and the teacher.

The required classes for the MBA program at Pfeiffer University consist of the following college courses:

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business--focuses on understanding the legal environments and requirements within the business world.
Managerial Accounting--provides insight of accounting activities within a business.
Managerial Economics--focuses on understanding the micro and macro issues of businesses
Managerial Finance--focuses on understanding the finance of a business
Marketing Management--provides an understanding of marketing methods.
Organizational Behavior--focuses on understanding the design and functions of a business.
Organizational Communication--focuses on professional communication methods such as writing, proper English, and public speaking
Strategic Management--focuses on combing all operations in running an efficient business.

Quantitative Decision Making--focuses on using statistics to make sound business decisions.

3- Elective Classes of your choice
Each MBA class is three credit hours, so to complete the MBA program at Pfeiffer you must complete a total of thirty-six credit hours. The majority of classes starts at 6 p.m. and finish up at 9 p.m. You can take one class or as many as you think you can complete each semester. However, you must attend class each week for each class or you'll more than likely end up withdrawing because the classes require a combination of testing and in-class assignments to make sure each student understands the material. If you work full-time, I would suggest taking one or two classes a semester because you will be busy.

Pfeiffer's MBA program provides the tools and skills needed to succeed in a working career; however, you must apply the information you learn in the program or you're just wasting your money. Take the information and make an impact in your current workplace or branch out and open your own business. Just because you complete the MBA program doesn't make guarantee a better job. You have to make yourself known and prove that you're capable of moving up the chain in your company.

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