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SCMHRD: The MBA in Human Resource Management At Symbiosis

SCMHRD: The MBA in Human Resource Management At Symbiosis

Known as the Oxford of East, Symbiosis is a brand that is synonymous for providing quality education at an affordable price. What started out as a venture to offer education to students across boundaries has actually evolved into a massive brand that is offering multiple courses with a single aim of making education more affordable and better. The Symbiosis Centre For Human Resource Development, Pune is also an initiative of the Symbiosis group located in Pune that specializes in offering the MBA in Human Resource Management. Developed in consultation with the industry, the program is aimed at helping students understand the importance of human resource in the present day business scenario. 
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What is the program all about?

The idea of managing the human resource is still in its nascent stage. People don’t realize it but businesses actually need it to survive. The Corporate sector is gradually waking up to the importance of the degree and the knowledge of managing their human resource or employees which are actually their biggest assets. The MBA in HR at SCMHRD is a program that aims at covering the various subjects related to human resource management. From understanding the working conditions that motivate one to ways of creating one and even managing the communication, this program covers the details empowering the students with the required skillset that helps them evolve into better professionals. 

Admissions to the program

The admission to the MBA in HR happens through a centralized admission test. Once students register for the SNAP test, the next stage is to prepare for the exam. The test scores are important because they will help you make it to the next round of admissions at SCMHRD. As soon as the B school receives your score and if you clear the eligibility criteria, you will receive a call letter. The next stage is group discussion and personal interview. Both of them are important as it is the cumulative score that gets you through SCMHRD. 

How does it help?

With the Symbiosis tag on your resume, life becomes better. You get to understand the industry as well as the way it works in a better way. However, that’s not the end of it all. Since Symbiosis has an industry reputation of actually being a credible training centre, your resume gets more value as compared to the other counterparts when they apply for a job. This means that you are able to earn better, get placed better and therefore, obviously lead better lives. What SCMHRD offers you is commonly known as the return on investment which in this case is pretty high making it an absolutely beneficial option for you!

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