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SITM opens admission for 2016-2018

SITM opens admission for 2016-2018

The Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management is one of the country’s leading B schools located in Pune. Previously, a graduation degree would suffice for those who wanted a job in the domain of telecom management. But, now the industry is growing at a frantic pace. The job opportunities are of course plenty but thanks to the lack of qualified professionals its all lying vacant. Institutes like SITM in Pune are actually taking concrete steps to bridge the gap. With its MBA program, SITM endeavors to educate the participants about the managerial aspect of telecom engineering. The managerial aspect is also equally important and sadly the general management program is unable to give the domain of telecom management its exclusive due.

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Therefore, institutions like SITM come across as the perfect option for children striving to build a career in the domain telecom management.
What does SITM offer?

Before we proceed towards understanding the entire admission procedure, let’s take a look at what does SITM offer. Being a telecom management institute, SITM’s primary offering is the MBA in Telecom Management. This is a two-year program which focuses on exploring the various aspects of telecom management. Everything from the basic understanding of the domain to the implementation of the managerial aspect is covered in this course.

Duration of the course

The MBA in Telecom Management is a course that covers the duration of two years. It is conducted over a time of four semesters. The first semester is all about basics wherein the students are introduced to the subjects of telecom management, the progress and the way ahead for the industry. The second year focuses on helping the students develop the specialization. 

Training program

The holistic education module is just one part of the course at SITM. As part of their training, students are also encouraged to take up internship programs where they are made to participate in industry evaluation projects. This industry interface is extremely important as it helps the students broaden their understanding to the dynamicity of the domain of telecom management. In the form of internships and learning programs, students get to understand the working culture of the industry. This, in turn, makes them better equipped to handle the complex industry scenarios when they join as professionals at a later stage.

Admission process

SITM follows a very simple admission process as per which all interested students have to get themselves registered for the SNAP test and send in their application separately to SITM. The next stage is to appear for the SNAP test. This test is mostly about examining the attitude of the students and therefore it is important to get a good score in this test. This makes you eligible for the next round of interview and group discussion conducted at the SITM campus. 

So, if you aspire to build your career as a telecom manager and reap the rich rewards, we suggest you to start with enrolling yourself for the full-time MBA program at SITM Pune Today. SNAP registrations close on November 24th so ensure that your application is submitted on time.

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