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SSBF: The Opportunity To Build A Rewarding Career In Banking

SSBF: The Opportunity To Build A Rewarding Career In Banking

Symbiosis School Of Banking & Finance is a premier institute located in Pune that offers MBA allowing students to specialise in the domain of banking. When it comes to an MBA in Symbiosis, the sheer prestige associated to it makes it a coveted degree. The Symbiosis group is known to provide quality education that actually helps students realise their dreams. MBA Finance program educates the participants about the various aspects of finance management but banking is an all together different ball game. In spite of plethora of opportunities in the banking sector, it becomes difficult for aspiring individuals to make use of these opportunities. This is simply because they lack the required qualification.

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The motive behind establishing the Symbiosis School Of Banking & Finance is to ensure that this gap is filled. Yes! Based on the feedback from the industry, this institute specialises in providing much more than just an ordinary MBA in Finance. The SSBF program is a blend of banking and finance that gives the students a more holistic exposure. Conducted by experts, the program is developed with a view of what’s trending in the industry. Accordingly, the students are taught through a blend of academic training and industry interface. At the end of the two year program, students step out as industry ready professionals who are willingly hired by leading banking and financial institutions. 

How does it help?

The banking and finance sector actually determines the strength and resilience of an economy. This basically means that the constant influx of talented professionals is absolutely necessary for the welfare of this sector. However, the dearth of educational institutions to provide the required training makes it difficult to meet this requirement. This is where SSBF steps into the picture and helps in bridging the gap. 

Best in class faculty

At SSBF, education is treated as an integrated approach. So, simply learning from the textbook is not enough. Leading industry experts are invited to conduct the sessions at SSBF allowing students to learn from people who can actually share relevant insights. This not only improves their ability to learn but also makes it possible for them to interact with the industry experts. In fact, this is the initial point of contact that they establish with the industry. 

A student friendly learning approach

Another distinctive feature about the SSBF MBA program is that it uses a student friendly learning approach. Usually post graduate courses are all about taxing the brain. But SSBF ensures that students are provided with a supportive environment to optimise their ability to learn. 


SSBF carries forth the legacy of Symbiosis institutes to provide placement assistance to all eligible students. The placement program is a planned initiative conducted towards the end of the course. Through this SSBF invites leading institutions to participate in the recruitment process giving its students access to some of the best opportunities in the industry. 

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