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The best online MBA from 2017

The best online MBA from 2017

The Financial Times ranking crowns for the fourth consecutive year the IE Business School program as the best in the world.
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The flexibility of schedules and the freedom to study from any part of the world are some of the attractions to take an MBA online. And according to the ranking prepared by Financial Times, the best program in the world is that of a Spanish business school. For the fourth consecutive year, IE Business School leads the ranking of the MBA online.

According to the Financial Times, the top 10 online MBA of 2017 is the following:

1. IE Business School (Spain)
2. Warwick Business School (United Kingdom)
3. Isenberg School of Management (USA)
4. AGSM at UNSW Business School (Australia)
5. Hough Graduate School of Business (USA)
6. George Washington University (USA)
7. Kelley School of Business (USA)
8. Olin Business School (USA)
9. Durham University Business School (United Kingdom)
10. Whitman School of Management (USA)

Among the aspects that Financial Times value when it comes to classifying the MBA online are the profile of the students, the academic experience, the degree of diversity or the quality of the cloister, among others. Salary progression is also assessed, i.e. it compares the student's remuneration before and after completing the master's degree.

In this sense, the students of IE Business School registered an improvement in their salary of 44%, up to the 191,000 dollars per year, according to the ranking. In addition, it has the highest percentage of graduates working in senior management positions, the largest number of international students and a high degree of online interaction. IE Business School's Global MBA comprises 80% online training and 20% in-person. It lasts 15 months and is in English.

You can check the full ranking at
The rise of online teaching

Technology has not only changed people's way of life, but also their way of learning. An example of this are the MOOC, the massive online courses, and although when studying an MBA the vast majority of students continue to prefer to attend classrooms, there has been an increase in those who study this program online.

Universities and students are increasingly betting and opting for this type of training, due, among other factors, to the little mobility that it requires. For example, if you want to study an MBA in the UK or Australia you have to have a student visa. But if you take an MBA online, this requirement is eliminated, as there are no territorial boundaries to study.

Another reason for the rise of online education is the interactivity that has been introduced in the classes. Now they are not just masterful lessons, but teachers also turn to videos and online platforms to teach. In addition, students can consult their doubts directly to the teacher through the Internet.

As the associate dean of Warwick Business School points out, "the flexibility of an online MBA is very attractive to a generation that has the time constantly tightened and has a high working content. This way you can reconcile the distance learning of the MBA with your daily life

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