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The best online universities

The best online universities

We live in an age in which the time is our most precious value, a good that is sold at price of gold and that it is often difficult to manage. For those who work, the idea of further education can be a problem precisely for this reason. However, fortunately, the internet era has solutions for all. Here we collect the best online universities and distance to achieve that goal that you set is a little easier, but also you recommended to take a look at these seven online platforms that grouped courses carried out all over the world. 

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Thanks to them, you can access careers that you previously considered impossible by the need to scroll to the right and invest time in classes. Online universities the idea is that you're you manage your time so you can study them at your own pace and without strain. In addition to online Spanish universities, we also offer some centers that study subjects to follow recycling your knowledge.


It is the first private University of studies which was set up in our country, back in 2006, and since then the Center, based in Collado Villalba, has been commissioned to promote education through internet by means of different degrees and master's degrees in the as in other cases from the list, the subjects always will be adopted through a face-to-face final exam

Born in 1994 with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, this Barcelona-based online University offers all kinds of diplomas, degrees and higher education among which, Furthermore, are courses of languages, seminars or free subjects with which to improve our knowledge of a particular area for further specializing. 

In addition to the face-to-face exams, it offers a system of evaluation with weekly tests, so it is more than advisable to bear in mind that we have a very demanding dedication entity that should be taken to each course.

When you think that this story of distance universities are born with the power of the internet, becomes reality and gives us the feet on the ground. In this case, the Open University was born in 1972, the period in which 90% of Spaniards didn't even know using a computer. 

Thanks to his profound capacity for development, this Madrid University managed to expand our territory at the time that opened its doors to overseas.

If in addition to working online you need to have a closer contact, you can receive it at one of its 61 centers associated all over the globe.

Born from the union between Les Heures and the Universitat de Barcelona, IL3 is one of the most interesting for those who want to expand its index of titles in the face to improve your resume. Located in the Centre of business 22 @ Barcelona, allows us to make some of the best masters, postgraduate, specialization, and University extension courses, as well as being part of the many programs of seminars offered in person, blended and distance.

Talking about online universities is talking about the future, so it is inevitable to make a recess to admire what the future brings. This is the case of the USAL, a university born under the arm of the Virtual campus of the University of Salamanca and that in collaboration with the Continuous Training Service offers accredited studies through the network. In fact, it presumes to offer 1 degree, 8 University master's degrees, 58 master's degrees, 26 specialization diplomas, 18 University extension diplomas, 34 specific training courses and 5 MOOCs.

The jump to private universities at a distance we do this branch of the Polytechnic University of Madrid focused on specializing professionals and executives with their master and expert programs. What could be thrown back to some is the fact of not having homologated qualifications, since all our own titles endorsed by the prestige of the university itself.

The International University of La Rioja earns a position on our list using a methodology that mixes the traditionalism of the classrooms with the virtual proposals of distance universities

Unlike other cases in which the scheme depends on the chosen subject, here all will have a note distribution of 4 points equivalent to the continuous evolution of the student and 6 belonging to a final exam.
It is one of the most complete online universities as far as teacher training is concerned.

Belonging to the University of León, the IAEU is committed to coping with the growth of world economies by basing its formative offer on learning the evolution of our Asian "rivals". 

From his postgraduate degree in economics and business in India to his international Master in Culture, society and Chinese economy. A solid bridge that is destined to be able to work abroad.

The best ONLINE Courses

From the online universities, we jump to the courses section of the hand of universities, portals or platforms that will facilitate the acquisition of own titles focused on a specialty. 

It is the ideal tool for those who want to continue studying and cultivated but do not need an important title for their curriculum or simply want to recycle concepts.

OpenupEd: Under the support of the European Commission, this platform presented in 2013 is an initiative aimed at offering MOOC courses to the whole world. Open Mass online courses aim to offer online education to a large number of users without prerequisites and for free.

EdX: With a mixture of free and paid titles (although in the case of the free ones always requires a small fee to obtain the title), this association formed by prestigious universities like MIT, Harvard or Berkley, offers a compendium of Courses and micromaterials for anyone who wants to join and specialize in a particular topic, from management to video game design.

Academic Earth: All of these courses are very good, but what happens when we are very clear about what we want to do.

Does that mean we have to go University by college looking for the right one? No, for that are tools like this, where we choose a type of grade, category, and topic to find the courses available among dozens of universities around the globe.

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