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Admission in MBA Colleges in India

Admission in MBA Colleges in India

MBA Colleges in India offer creative courses like fashion illustration besides courses in business economics like Advertising courses, Courses in Finance, Marketing and HR.

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The prospect of getting admitted to the management colleges is so exciting and challenging that students prepare for the entrance exams from a much early date. As soon as the eligibility to appear in the entrance exams near, the students are seriously and deeply into the preparatory phase. They attend coaching classes, try solving the problems in the same patterns as would probably come in the exams, solve mock papers and practice the questions, to help themselves secure good ranks.

however, the competition is very tough and the content is equally difficult. If you have not been able to attain a grade that the GBS want, you can begin choosing the institutes according to the faculty and infrastructure, the fees, industry links, placements and of course the brand names of the business school. The quality of a B-School depends a lot on the faculty. Infrastructure is an equally important criterion for selection. Good institutes provide a fully equipped computer lab, projectors, libraries and seminar rooms. Get information from the alumni. Study the fee structure and check if its placement data is worth the money you invest. Placement is a crucial factor in deciding the business school; more than numbers, it's the placement quality that matters.

MBA education in India is provided by several and universities in India. MBA in India is a very popular course among graduates looking for a bright and successful career in the field of business skills. A student can choose to pursue his MBA from one of the different disciplines including marketing, finance, information technology, and human resource etc.

Candidates possessing an MBA Degree in Marketing Candidates will surely have exceptional growth in this field. Some of the most popular job profiles that they could enjoy in this competitive world are the Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager. Even candidates with intense information in finance will also be able to look for the job opportunities available as strategic or market planning executives. Many advertising companies and agencies have jobs offer for marketing professionals in specialized areas like direct marketing, advertisement, and jobs related to communications. If you wish to make your career in the field of Branding then Marketing programs are the best option. Today the youth is more attracted to this profession as it has a lot of money, responsibilities, fame, and travel. Traveling is something that most youngsters want and fame and money are what makes everyone work hard.

There may be several types of questions that may form part of quantitative aptitude test. The first category could be simple arithmetic problems including profit and loss, percentages, ratio, averages, partnership, etc. Such problems involve simple calculations and with a little practice and basic aptitude, can be solved correctly. The second category of questions could involve multiplication or divisions in 5 to 6 figures or decimals. It may be quite time-consuming if the candidates start actually attempting the entire calculations. Since the candidates are required to work against the time it is not advisable to waste time on such calculations. With a little practice, the candidates can easily eliminate most of the choices straightaway to arrive at the correct answer even without any calculations. This can be achieved if the candidates look at all the choices carefully before actually attempting the calculations. Another category of questions may be directed at testing only the intelligence of the candidate and not his/her ability to calculate. There may be some other questions aimed at testing the common sense of the candidates. 

If you'll consider the management education market in the country, it presents a staggering figure of more than Rs. 35 billion by mid-2010. It has been growing at a rate of approximately 12% in last three years. Presently, the number of business schools in India is above 1,750, including government and private institutes, distance education providers and foreign education providers. Every year, these business schools are producing more than 100,000 management graduates to satisfy the demand of diverse industries. But, this number is not sufficient in comparison to the mounting demand of MBA in India. Numerous companies have also raised the issue of lack of adequate manpower for their growing operations.

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