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MBA in ITBM: Your Choice To Build A Great Career!

MBA in ITBM: Your Choice To Build A Great Career!

When it comes to the domain of information technology, not many institutes are able to offer the excellence that is promised by Symbiosis. In addition to the educationally training, what Symbiosis offers is a holistic education approach that promises to help students learn more than what is taught in the four walls of the classroom. The MBA in ITBM is a two years program that takes care of the basics as well as the advanced level of the training. The industry is in dire need of professionals who are well versed with the dynamics of the ever evolutionary scenario of the industry. The regular MBA program does not meet these requirements because the training here is restricted to textbook knowledge. But, at SCIT, the focus is on training students for the future.

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Here, the implementation of the academic module is in line with the principles of Symbiosis. The students are exposed to various facets of the industry. Be it learning or understanding through practical assignments, it is the right blend of academics and extracurricular activities that help the students broaden their horizons of learning. The program at SCIT is a residential course. This ensures that the students are able to familiarize themselves with multiple aspects of the industry before they actually enter as qualified professionals. Another advantage of pursuing the course at SCIT is that students get a chance to appear for placement season. The placement season is a unique effort by Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology that helps eligible students apply for the best opportunities in the corporate sector.


Just like other colleges, SCIT hosts events. However, these events are not just entertainment options. They are a unique platform where students get to show their technical prowess in various domains. Also, since the entire event is managed by students, this is probably the first platform where they get to exhibit their managerial skills. Inviting industry experts to participate in the event is also an advantage for students. After all, interacting with these industry experts gives you a chance to enhance your learning. At the same time, these interactions are a chance to establish your initial network in the industry even though you may choose to reap its benefits later. 

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What does learning require? It needs much more than just attending classroom sessions. Sometimes, understanding topics are likely to take longer. Well for all such situations, the faculty at SCIT believes in using innovative learning methods that help students open their minds to new concepts and ideas and gradually improve. 


The program takes in students through the SNAP test. However, registration for SNAP test alone is not going to be enough. Students will also have to submit their registrations individually for the program. If selected, students have to appear for a round of personal interview and group discussion.

So hurry, register yourself today for a program that promises to give you the best opportunities in the future.

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