Binary options

Binary options

Binary options

What is binary options trading?

Recently, many traders are interested in the field of binary options but do not know exactly what is in this area and how you can make money out of it easily.

Binary alternatives are also known as digital options are in two parts, as there are only two possible-pay results certain amount of money if the option expires in the money while the asset-or-nothing pays the value of the underlying security. You can also hear the name "call" "Put" option.

Binary options trading is divided into four main categories: commodities, currencies, indices, and stocks. You can trade where it has been used several different time periods (60-second, 15 minutes or different times that you can create yourself. There is also a commercial type of one-touch or timestamp). It can really compensate for the financial news website, analyze and draw nice economic benefit.

Operating with a single touch is where you can set a certain time, and time is set, assume that do not fall in the rate the dollar is established - if it falls below this rate then suddenly lost 90% of your money if you had not fallen below you can earn up to 85% of all capital invested. Of course, you can also do so in the opposite direction of trade.

binary options trading is a relatively new field - one that still not many people know, even though traders who know the area know that you can make a lot of money in a very short time.

Growth markets binary options trading

Binary Options is a type of options for trade and investment in the stock market, with the assets, liabilities, assets or resources where the return is fixed the amount of the few hard and no. Cash-or-nothing pays a fixed amount of cash if the option expired or end loaded, while the active or not rated for safety.

All or nothing called as digital options are commonly used in the marketing of interest rate and foreign exchange and the return of the Stock Exchange of US fixed. Before it was used only as an economist instrument (financial) being traded over the counter, and the bonds of selected investors in futures exchanges and traders cannot be bought without a prescription.

In recent years, this factor is to change the largest organization in the world of fair play that makes scoring option Clearing Corporation, as otherwise take the initiative by purchasing binary options on the counter that provides retailers, agencies values, and investors access to the second mode of Puno. This was followed by the Stock Exchange United States that created the options trading in binary line and has since come to the success and growth of the market that helps customers or traders to have the financial security of their property.

The popularity of binary options trading becomes line demand and has been used by many investors, not only because it provides another method of choice or trade, but also provides great comfort that allows buyers, traders and investors to trade the comfort of your home.

History binary options trading

Binary options are one of the latest trends in the commercial field. In the past, the binary option also refers to as exotic options. The result is quite dependent on the performance of the underlying asset. Initially, they are traded on only a few of future exchanges. Investors, who wanted to opt for binary options, you need to hire a broker. Usually, pre-payment is these brokers ago to buy.

The main reason behind the binary option is to create a simple and transparent way to trade due to reduced speculation.

However, for years, binary options there was no liquid market or any regulation even made. The first attempt to regulate the operation of choice was made in 1973 when the Chicago Board Options Exchange was established as the basis of a regulated trading platform options.

For years, binary options existed only as an instrument, which is traded over the counter. In the past, binary options or exotic options as they are often called, are traded on futures and selected individual investors can buy them over the counter. The situation has changed because now. In 2008, the option Clearing Corporation (largest derivatives clearing organization in the world shares) led by the enlistment of trading binary options on the counter. This gave traders access to this form of commerce.

OCC has already submitted a proposal for the inclusion of binary trading mechanism on the main market option. In 2008, the SEC approved the proposal, which legalizes trade binary options.

Shortly thereafter, according to the US action that has made trading binary options online for individuals. Since then, the binary option enjoyed tremendous success and growth. binary options online special mention in popularity. Many brokers have jumped on the bandwagon, and now it has become easier for people to trade binary options, seated comfortably at home.

These online brokers offer individual set up their accounts online and participate in the binary options strategy A lot of activities. All you need is a WiFi connection.

Advantages of binary options trading

Unlike other contributions, the binary options trading makes it easier for inexperienced to understand the basics of the trade. Conventional trading involves some type of underlying asset against the transaction. By contrast, in the binary options trading as traders do not own the underlying asset. It is only on the basis of performance agents, that trader is evaluated for a fixed term.

In addition, unlike conventional trade, because according to the results of trading, binary options trader cannot sell or liquidate your position at any time.

The parameters such as the percentage of income and maturity decided at the beginning of trade, and therefore can not be changed later after the purchase was made.

Moreover, gains and losses involved in trading binary options are not based on the volume size of the paper. It just depends on the direction trading head. For example, if the payment is set at $ 500 against the value of inventories, which was purchased in $ 50 then even if the stock price rose to $ 1000 $ 50, stores will only receive $ 500.

This is because the gains and losses in this trade depending on the direction, not the magnitude.

binary option has another advantage over other conventional means of trade. Risk management is easier to handle. the binary option lets you decide the risk factor before. Also, anyone can do the trade. The number of binary options brokers offer online trading in binary option, where new members can join and open an account with a small amount of money. No underlying assets involved.

A binary option is not highly regulated. With online support, almost anyone can trade binary options from anywhere in the world.

The legal status of binary options trading

As mentioned above, the first regulation of binary options trading was first established in 1973 with the formation of the CBOE. Although binary options trade regulations were conceived for the first time in the United States or Europe, where binary options trading was popular and commercialized for many years.

This is one of the most trade mechanisms in many European markets. One of those EUREX market, which was the forerunner of binary options trading for years. Following the acquisition of growth and popularity in European countries, the binary option finally made his way to select US markets.

The principal for exponential growth as a measure of reason economies, opportunities for all to participate in trading binary options transactions in this trade is done on an hourly basis and the simple knowledge. Even inexperienced can benefit from binary options trading. Many online brokers have sprung up offering full assistance in creating an account with the initial investment.

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