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Finding MBA Prices

Finding MBA Prices

It's very frustrating. You are reading the MBA master's information that interests you on the Business School website and you are unable to find the price. Is it because you're clumsy? Perhaps it is so expensive that they are ashamed to put it?

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Neither of us. Surely it is because these business schools are poorly advised in terms of online marketing and web usability. From our point of view and experience, three cases can be given.

1. Total transparency

When browsing the websites of these schools, you see the relevant information at a glance; Also the price, they show it well visible without any problem. So people who navigate through them find what they want quickly, without frustration and without wasting time.

Coincidentally, the three best business schools in Spain follow this policy of transparency in their prices, namely: ESADE Business School, IESE Business School and IE Bussiness School. They are schools that have a great prestige and score very high in the international rankings. They are world references. Check the prices of your MBA and compare with others from Spain.

2. Digital Mazes

However, other schools and centers opt for the strategy of building a Web labyrinthine in which the relevant information is hidden and you can only access it through many clicks and searching with stubbornness.

We do not know what is the ultimate goal of this type of site, beyond the user want to close the page before you find what you wanted. As an advertising strategy, we don't think it's the best. Still, you'll finally find what you're looking for.

We have seen this behavior on the Web pages of most public universities, where you first have to figure out how many credits are made up of the MBA, then navigate from page to page to find the price of each credit and finally multiply The price of the credit for the credits that compose the master. All very intuitive and user-friendly.

3. blackmailers

It's a tough qualifier, but it's got no other name. You're on the website of a business school. You look for the price of the MBA and you don't find it. Tests to download the informative PDF document, to see if there is the information. Instead, there is a form that you must fill with your data and your email. Is this even legal? Can't we see the information anonymously, we have to give you our email in return? You know that is a blackmail, then you will have to get off the list of subscribers that will be part of your email, but hey, you really care about the information you are going to send. You send the form.

After a while, you receive an email with a link to a PDF document. You download it and read it whole. Agenda, why study in this business school, values for humanity, blah blah blah... where is the price? Nowhere. The only possible solution is to send an email or if you want to assure the answer call directly to the center. To top it off, some information phones from those centers are a 902.

In the end, information about a product, which is supposed to be the most interested in selling, you get expensive in time and money. And not only do we get expensive to ourselves, also to themselves because they force their employees to waste hours of work answering the phone and sending emails with the price information. By publishing them on your own website would save all this. Please dediquémosle a big applause to the marketing managers of these entities.

We have detected this behavior in some private universities and some business schools. We'll ignore the names, they already know who they are.

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