Forex broker: List of best

Forex broker: List of best

Best Forex Broker - A the same as with most financial assets, including due to the forex market, a trader first thing to do if you want to work with a lot of time online and trade saForex, to choose the best platform for Forex trading broker.

The choice of forex broker is a key step for any trader who wants to work in forex must realize. After all, the broker is an intermediary between us and the financial markets: the agent that processes and put our orders (both buying and selling). Choose poor quality brokers means that runs on security issues in the future, this means they have problems with their operations. As potential problems when it is time to withdraw your winnings: Often, some forex brokers are scams really!

Forex broker: List of best, Forex Broker, Forex,

Moreover, some brokers have better opportunities than others and offer commissions/spread below average. Others, however, offer a much more advanced trading platform and quick to implement commands. Let's not forget the latest innovations in the field of online commerce, or social commerce and the copy of trading, short, when you are choosing a broker always you have to look at certain characteristics to ensure that you choose the broker the right for your needs.

Here below all the features to look and check when choosing a Forex broker; and a list of the best forex broker, all with the regular license to legally operate in the financial markets.

How to choose the best forex brokers (regulated)

the agent must have a regular license: -the golden rule, when a forex broker is always the same is sought. Oddly enough, there are still forex brokers online operating without a license. Note that work on European soil, brokers must obtain a license from the country where they are; in addition to being subject to EU rules on financial matters, it ie MiFID. Choosing a broker without a license is equivalent to throwing money into the hands of potential scammers: If you are working on the unlicensed agent, you will not have any guarantee or protection.

Listed below are the main features to look for in a Forex broker:

-under License: As already mentioned, it is essential that the forex broker has a license.

-Diferenciales And commissions: Forex broker can make or application fees for each transaction (and the start) or through the spread (the spread is the difference in the supply/demand rate currency pairs, the following paragraphs will explain in detail the spread).

-Lingote: Another important aspect that must be controlled. With leverage, you can invest higher figures than they actually have. A 'and that the broker offers a leverage of 1: 10 of the most common 1: 100 and 1: 200 of excessive leverage as 1: 400, it is only likely to expose too much and be counterproductive. When we say "Lever 1: 100", this means that for every euro invested, likely to invest € 100; So if you invest € 100 and use the leverage of 1: 100 in factors probably moving capital in the amount of 10,000 € (100 x 100 = 10,000). For more information about the lever, click on this link.

-The Customer: each forex broker has a customer service that addresses customer solve problems and answer questions of future prospects. Make sure customer service is available in their own language and is easily accessible (by phone, email, live chat) it is essential: if not, where to turn in case of problems?

-The Ease of use of the trading platform: Each forex broker offers different trading platform, often found in both mode and web-based download. Lately, brokers publish their platforms as well as applications that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or tablet (trade wherever you are). In the following paragraphs, we will discuss in detail the trading platform.

-The Examination and withdrawal: Always make sure that the forex broker can offer a variety of storage and retrieval methods, such as bank transfer, credit cards (including prepaid), bags (like PayPal and Moneybookers). You can also see the average time to receive my retirement: average good to a maximum of 3-5 working days timeout installed.

-Services Training: Now almost every forex broker offers a section dedicated to the training of operators on its website. In Puuo agents also they offer free e-books to download, as well as seminars and online courses to attend; as well as the opportunity to get private study sessions and also an account manager who can follow and help in their daily operations.

-The Presence of a demo account for Forex trading: Many forex brokers offering a demo account with appropriate account Forex trading. The demo account using virtual money, so that the dealer can Aser trading without risking capital. If you just entered the world of currency trading, it is good that you are a forex broker that offers a demo account: what can make all the practice you need without the risk of losing money.

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