Forex: Forex history

Forex: Forex history

Not to mention the currency offers some interesting ideas about the history of money is impossible. In a market that is based on the currency exchange office, I do not know when modern principles defined the structure and operation of the coin is a short-term instrument in which it operates. And, once again, we have emphasized the importance from a solid database to operate successfully in this market.

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The key to creating a modern market money first date in 1875; in that year, the major Western countries decided to create a trading system based on two metals: gold and silver, replacing them with raw materials.

This is the year of birth of the gold standard system, which is the guarantee of the national currency is gold. Each state, therefore, could not believe the other to create trade agreements. This has helped create a more solid in the foreign exchange market and must solve several problems of liquidity in international markets since the decision is based payment directly to gold and silver He created considerable difficulties.

The birth of own currency system represents a novelty: the central bank's member countries are invited to store gold and silver, to ensure the exchange of international currencies Since every penny can be converted at any time into the goal.

Forex: Forex history, Forex, Forex Trading,

This event set the stage for the extraordinary economic growth in the United States in the following decades, it has become a new international force. The dollar, in any case, remained, in turn, other currencies are permanently attached to the US currency so.

About 30 later, in the government of Richard Nixon, which defines the new order: gold dollar since then began a slow period but throughout the depreciation of the US dollar.

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