Forex Tutorial: The Forex Market

Forex Tutorial: The Forex Market

Forex Tutorial: The Forex Market, Forex,

1. The long-term financial market

low market means the place where you are confronting supply and demand capture services and factors of production and new cash funds. Similarly, the conclusion is that there are U product market of goods, services market, the market of production factors market. A financial market is a place where supply surpluses are with the claim that is ready to be invested.

financial market can be defined as the set of all financial transactions in the economy leading to the creation and implementation of socio-sale financial documents. huge knows that financial assistance for the national economy is reflected by enabling smooth operation of the process, level of traffic optimization new money supply, the liquidity of the national economy, the allocation of money to achieve profitability until the completion of the expanded reproduction production and transport and security for the capital position. It would launch an ethical analysis of financial instruments without place and role in the financial system. The financial system is an integrated system of the country and aims to allow PREVENTION flow of financial and socio-economic integration, in other words, it is a system of "channels" the transfer of funds between different diverse groups and entities economy.
The price of financial assets is formed under the influence of supply and demand, which is opetrazliprotección for each of the segments of financial markets. The basic elements that should

markets are financial instruments and financial institutions. Finance instruments financial  (or effects) are subject to financial investment. They may take the form of securities or credit derivatives values.

the value of the documents that are evidence of a long ilivlasništvu. Emissions of the issuer (issuer) raise funds and the buyer (owner, investors) ITSestablecerauna same law. Basically, United securities (bonds, bills, certificates) needed to create-creditors relationship without property: the issuer is the necessary funds, the investor expected in the form of interest and principal. (values are different types of action) provided.

including the necessary resources, or the transfer of ownership buyer STI share a company's financial institutions providing financial services, or mediation between agents and beneficiaries of savings. They are participants in the financial trade and its activities enabled Unfortunately efficient operation. The mástantes types of financial institutions are financial, which can be deposit instructions and accept no deposit depository institution (most, major commercial banks) as the main source savings deposits collected nondepository ('ll guarantee company, financial firms, investment funds) to other sources - placements of securities, loans in the market, 

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