How to Invest - FIRST OR last class?

How to Invest - FIRST OR last class?

Forex trading is a business investment and therefore for the treatment of this type of field. For some, this sentence is the crown of everything that happens in currency trading or could still return to the beginning ?! Anyway, many education programs only in their lessons more mature understanding of issues of currency hedging as risk management, money management (risk control, cash management), while in the first stage introduction to Forex trading usually do not contain elements that relate to investment and investment management.

How to Invest - FIRST OR last class?,Forex

This often turns out to be "impatient" traders who are mainly in the waters of successful investments, which is undoubtedly the global financial market and only then begin to realize that the business of Forex trading like any other project investment. The first lesson usually takes the title - What is the currency ... And more often include general information on the functioning of the currency market, explanations of handling operations on electronic platforms and similar trivial things?.

But not a word about investments, that amount of space in literature is, as in retrospect, only the so-called. advanced levels of education. So many traders who have never had the opportunity to meet with business investment, even rationally, leaving the question of investing in some of his more mature age, after mastering the basics of currency, if it ever comes. So everything points to the need to go back to the beginning! First, if you want to be a professional dealing with Forex trading, this automatically means we want.

The Forex trader is an investor who buys cash and regardless of the size of the capital at their disposal, of course, performs investment activities. All participants in the foreign exchange market and have a place in the competition under the same market conditions, without the time and any other restrictions or differences, whether large investment funds, wealthy individuals, small speculators and others. Therefore, the first lesson is that each of traders learns that any commercial transaction made by the part of the investment in the currency of the capital in your trading account in order to obtain a certain profit.

In other words, each entry in the commercial position, each click to open a buy or sell position is ending movement investment decisions. Yes, the final movement! Or that's what it should be. Taking the investment decision is a complex and changing operations task and should be understood that this is absolutely all happens or every time you click the button open position or New Order, but whatever you call it.

In addition, the decision to buy and sell the currency pair, without doubt, one must always be preceded by a detailed market analysis which follows naturally that investment decisions should be based on the sum of all available resources. The essence of each investment is the fact that in itself does not automatically create a profit, but to justify its existence and is in the exercise of certain posdtignuća and improve their market position.

Therefore, every trader should, even before you start trading Forex and learn the lesson about investments and investment, either in the order of the first or last in your personal plan education program.

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