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How to Make Money backup strategy guru eToro

How to Make Money backup strategy guru eToro

Il CopyTrader service launched eToro very innovative, which allows all traders, experts and industry will be able to invest in the forex world.

To understand what this is, simply translating his name, and now everything is clear. In fact, merchant Copy, literally translated distributor, or copy only traders but also trade out.

We believe the key and very useful for all beginner traders who wish to enroll for the first time in currency trading, trader tips thanks to eToro platform open book store manage Lotus and his followers.

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eToro trader works for CopyTrader?

The soul of the eToro forex trading is mainly based on two elements:

Commercial enterprise;
Copies of trade.

will take charge of the work in this section copyTrade, while exploring the issue in relation to social commerce, click here

Thanks to copy software to monitor any type of investment by another distributor, and is based on the amount of earned income, a performance that took place can copy it to your profile through the copy operator.

To maximize functional copy software merchant is integrated directly into the OpenBook platform.

For more information about how to copy a Guru trader, please see the video below.

In summary, a copy of eToro Trader allows traders to directly copy the selected profile in our accounts or just part of it. Our then proceeds to the investments we have decided to do with the merchant and its effectiveness.

Distributors can choose between this and copy them directly on their profile, so every time a trader should automatically copy it to their advantages, there also appear on our account.

Be careful, however, that the gain of the merchant does not correspond to the earnings of traders copied, but compared to the money bet on it, in one or more transactions. This option allows traders without risk to head in a foreign market to them, and only the foreign exchange market.

So traders have to go to choose to be a merchant who has a stable growth over time in terms of profits.

At this point, after selecting the dealership to copy, just you select and automatically I got a personal merchant account chosen.

Personal profile of each dealer, you can see detailed strategies used and personal performance, so traders who want to copy, has a complete picture of what will be his guru operator.

a trader to follow, we have to do is click the button in the lower left corner of the screen before "Copy Trader" was chosen.

Once this is done, select the amount you want to assign to the operation of this seller.

Account-demo-AvaTrade-choice-for-guru sum

Therefore, attention to the amount we have decided to dedicate the business of the dealer. Proceeds will be proportional to the amount paid, but also losses. Therefore, the amount is not exceeded. We always recommend that diversify traders to copy, because that way you can reach victories and defeats.

At this point, you just have to click a button and play merchant copy and the destination. You can always check the operations carried out by your dealer or copied first closing operations, menu "of your main account.

Therefore, in the light of the above, the trader the right to choose is not a difficult task, since it is necessary to have a series of indicators such as:

* The strategies implemented;
* Get profits;
* The composition of the portfolio;
*Risk level.
* EToro-CopyTrader

Just go to this assessment, data filtering up to come and see the needs of the most relevant operator.

When a trader is chosen you can choose to copy part of its strategy or all of them.

Therefore, eToro CopyTrader becomes the automatic trading is a simple tip that will be used to invest in the best. Obviously, not related to anything; you have the ability to want to take advantage of all the information obtained through this program, then go to this platform to integrate the vast amount of online strategies.

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