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How to select the Business school you need in three steps

How to select the Business school you need in three steps

Selecting the best center is one of the most important decisions to be faced when it comes to training. Each type of center responds to needs and objectives. If what we are looking for is a practical training, applicable to the business day to day and we are trained to assume positions of responsibility, there is no doubt that what we are looking for is a business school. Then we show you how to choose a Business School in three simple steps.

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Step 1: Experience and innovation

Business schools are professionals able to successfully develop in the complex business world. To do this they need to manage a know-how acquired thanks to the experience, that they must know to combine with the innovation necessary to maintain that knowledge to the last one.

IDE-CESEM, for example, has been active for more than 45 years, while it has trained more than 35,000 professionals. This vast experience has been enriched thanks to the commitment to incorporate the latest technological innovations to our training at every moment. Thanks to this innovative spirit we were pioneers in the world of online training, inaugurating our own Virtual Campus in 1999, and that same spirit impels us to continue innovating with ideas such as participatory webinars or 3.0 tutorials.

Innovation is also reflected in the content, which must be updated and in force. It verifies that the topics and programs are updated periodically to accommodate the new tendencies of each area.

Step 2: Trust

Training is a trusting relationship. To get to trust a business school, you must analyze the following aspects:

Student Profile: Each program has different access requirements, so you must find the one that square with your profile. It is also advisable to get information from old students using Google or Linkedin, read their reviews and opinions or even contact them to learn more about their experience.

Teacher Profile: The idea of a Business School is to transmit the knowledge directly from the company to the classroom. Therefore, business schools such as IDE-CESEM form their teaching faculty exclusively with active professionals of recognized prestige in their fields.  

Methodology: If you are looking for an applied training, the methodology should accompany it. In IDE-CESEM, for example, we bet on a practical methodology, based on case resolution, and participatory, where the shared and the contribution of the student are fundamental.

Professional Outings Bag: An active job board is a key factor in trusting a school. IDE-CESEM has a wide range of business ties, built over its 45 years of trajectory, which facilitate the integration of the students ' work,

Step 3: Your contribution is to invest in oneself, with the advantage that the benefits of this investment are personal, non-transferable and if we worry about recycling professionally, for a lifetime. In return, training requires that we contribute time, money and, above all, effort.

Choosing the best business school is important, but ultimately it all depends on the effort that the person is willing to provide. Therefore, the last step before choosing a business school and embarking on a program must be to reaffirm the commitment to what will be done. Only by providing work and desire will you get this investment to yield substantial benefits.

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