Japanese candles and other graphics

Japanese candles and other graphics

Graphics (graphics) are graphics or writing data on prices and price movements in global financial markets. Among the most popular types of Japanese candlestick charts commonly used (Candlestick), or other types of graphics are its wide application as required analysts. Japanese candles as the chart type in daily operations are most traders accepted people about. small speculators due to visual effect, first, but also because of the possibility of using a series of information that does not offer other ways graphic line and so on. However, it should be noted that analysts of financial markets often combine different graph types in order to provide more accurate future price movements in market predictions, and according to the type of market and according to the analysis needs.

Japanese candles and other graphics, Forex Graphic, Forex

Most chart types are the line, bar (Bar), Candelabra, Heiken Ashi and Renko chart and point and figure etc.

For many years, the most common were bar charts and combined with the line that good visual effect was noted until Japanese candles not take precedence in this regard.

stacked charts are still widely used in the analysis, since, among other things, each column provides information on the opening and closing price and the current price at any given time and the minimum and maximum value. Line charts are much simpler, but a type of original graphic that is widely used in the analysis. However, the logical question is why so much time was needed for Western analysts to adopt a method of analysis with the help of Japanese candlestick dating from the seventeenth-century countries. Maybe that's the answer to the question of the letter is the best way to use the fact that each type of graphic has its advantages.

Therefore, each analyst can be arbitrarily defined for a particular chart type, but the practice has shown that the best combination of two or more graphs simultaneously. Visually more attractive Japanese candles in relation to the bar chart are the manner that resembles a body candle with wicks (shadows).

The color choice depends on the traders Preferita spark plugs, but with the variety and configuration options range from the Table menu does not mean a slight advantage in greater transparency. The most widely used combination white-Star, green-red or blue-red. Of course, they can be colorless and black, and the global data show that the already established a standard for pop red candle (Bear) is widely accepted that long habit of Japanese analysts.

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