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Master's and Postgraduate degrees

Master's and Postgraduate degrees: specialize

The beginning of the academic year is a good time to consider studying for a master's degree or postgraduate course, especially if one takes into account the slight improvement in the work prospects. The Infoempleo-Adecco report shows that 65% of companies plan to increase their workforce by 2015, especially in the areas of general services and ICT.

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The increase in job offers leads to an increase in the demand for qualified professionals. According to the same study, 43.5% of the offers explicitly include among their minimum requirements that candidates have a university degree, either a career and/or a career plus a postgraduate degree. Take advantage of your opportunity and learn more!

What is the qualifying master? What professions demand it?

The enabling Master is essential for exercising certain professions. This is a higher education that complements the university degree and aims to allow students to exercise regulated professions, fulfilling the requirements established by law. Although these masters are framed within the European Higher Education Area (Ehea), each Member State regulates professions that require professional qualification.

In our country, the enabling master is essential to practise as a lawyer or procurator of the courts; Architect Captain of the Merchant Navy; Aeronautical engineer; Agricultural engineer; Road, channel and port engineer; Mining engineer; Forestry engineer; Telecommunication engineer; Industrial engineer; Naval and oceanic engineer; Merchant Marine Machine chief; Teacher of secondary education and psychologist

You can see more information about the master's degrees on the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and sport.

Did you know that you need a master's degree for the most wanted jobs?

If you consider studying a master or postgraduate to improve your employability you should know that there are a number of professions with excellent work prospects and that to access some of them, it is necessary to take additional training. The tenth edition of the report  "The + wanted of 2015 " developed by Adecco Professional, gives you some clues of the qualifications that will help you find work more quickly:

-Master in sanitary registries. This program, together with a higher university degree in Health Sciences (preferably pharmacy) and a good level of English, will open the doors to work in the field of the Regulatory Affairs. It is an expanding area that is responsible for the elaboration of drug registration strategies, in direct contact with the regulatory agencies.

-Master in Finance. Another of the most sought-after profiles, according to Adecco, is the Financial Controller, a professional that is gaining importance in the organizations because it is in charge of controlling the management of the company. To access this post is necessary training in business administration and management, economic, etc. and a postgraduate in finance.

MBA. An MBA will be useful in different professional sectors but this time we want to highlight a new professional profile: the Key Account Manager. Its functions include capturing, monitoring and developing large national and international accounts. To access this profession is required a higher engineering in telecommunications, ADE, economic or similar, an MBA and a good level of English.

-Master in Human resources. According to Adecco, one of the most wanted professionals for 2015 is the HR Business Partner, a human resources expert who is responsible for implementing the best practices in the area of recruitment, training and personal development in the most effective way. To occupy this position is necessary the degree in psychology, law or labor relations and postgraduate training in human resources.

Although these are the most wanted profiles according to the consultancy Adecco, the offer of masters and postgraduate is very wide and allows you to specialize in all training areas. Our recommendation is that you orient yourself to choose the most suitable master for you. In the sections of Educaweb you will find tips to choose the master and if you still have doubts, you can send your inquiry to the free guidance service of Online MBA College.

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