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Computer science (CS) shows the range from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions. Computer science offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas.

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Computer science is an abstract model for developing new concepts that you can transfer to new. Every people can have own attributes and we can say some people are brilliant and they figure out most of the thing but I could not it. I think more than 90% of people, could not it.

We can elaborate it by an important and beautiful example.

A gardener can have a different job, he can not cut your hair even though he can do the same job with a flower as beautifully.

You do not need a carpenter to build a doghouse even though you can do simply it.

So we can say in programming hand code by keyboard then compiled them if found errors rough it
Various fields in computer science as well as information technology

? Programming field
? Database field
? Networking field 
1. World Wide Web
2. Wide Area Network
3. Local Area Network
4. OSI Model
5. Ethernet
6. Networking hardware
7. Network administration
? Security field
? Digital Library
? Pattern Recognition
? Technology Assessment
? Information Technology Infrastructure 
? Information technology Governance
? Information Technology Audit
? Computational Mathematics
? Mobile Computing
? Compiler Construction
? Human-Computer Interface
? Operating System
? Ad-hock Networks
? Computer Network
? Enterprise Resource Planning
? Natural Language Processing
? Algorithms and their Complexities


The work of computer engineers falls into three categories: 

a) Designing and building software.

b) Developing effective applications to solve computing problems, such as storing information in databases, retrieving information from the backup, sending data over networks or providing new approaches to security problems. 

c) Di visioning new and better strategies of using computers and addressing particular challenges in various fields such as robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics (although these specializations are not available in all computer science programs).

Most computer science programs require some mathematical background.

After focusing on areas of computer science, we light on career direction based on computer science.

•First Direction of Career: This direction goes to designing and implementing software that is, work of software development which has grown to include aspects of web development, desktop development, interface design, security issues, mobile computing, and so on. This is the career path that the majority of computer science graduates follow. While a bachelor’s degree is generally sufficient for entry into this kind of career, many software professionals return to school to obtain a terminal master’s degree. (Rarely is a doctorate involved.) Career opportunities occur in a wide variety of settings including large or small software companies, large or small computer services companies, and large organizations of all kinds (industry, government, banking, healthcare, etc.). Degree programs in software engineering also educate students for this career path.

•Second Direction of Career: the Second direction goes to innovation and creativity in the application of computer technology. In this direction graduate work, followed by a position in a research university as well as industrial research and development workshop.

•Third Direction of Career: In this direction, basic as well as advance theory and knowledge of algorithms come that ensure the best possible solutions for computationally intensive problems. As a practical approach, this direction goes to development of new computer science theory that includes graduate level to the Ph.D. work, followed by a position in a research university as well as an industrial research and development workshop.

•Fourth Direction of Career: Finally this direction indicates the Planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure. This is the type of work for which the new information technology (IT) programs exclusively guide students.

Computer engineers always forward for these directions, but innovative and creative applications in computer science, as well as information technology, always offer alternative paths to these careers.

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