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MBA-Master in Business management

MBA-Master in Business management

If you are interested in obtaining knowledge about the administration and management of SMEs, the master MBA in Business administration and management that adds Emagister to your training catalog will provide you with the theoretical and practical skills to lead a Company.

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In the case of a distance-learning course, the student will be able to adapt the study schedules according to the most effective. To realize this educational process, which you have found in, it is necessary to have the university qualification that accredits its level of higher teachings surpassed. Given these conditions, the course is aimed at students and professionals with the intention of broadening their knowledge and specializing it in the direction. The educational program consists of a curriculum that is continually renewed to provide the most up-to-date information possible.

Whether you are in a situation of unemployment or currently have a job, when you finish this course you will have acquired a greater value as a professional. You will get an official title with which you can demonstrate this new knowledge and put them into practice. Decide, ask for more information and will put you in contact with the teaching team of this training center. You'll enjoy the new opportunities that will arise in front of you.

The students have the possibility of doing the MBA with a specific sectorial intensification. This intensification is linked to the Final work of the master and allows the student to deepen or complement his/her knowledge of the selected sector. The sectors that you will be able to choose are healthcare and service companies. Follow the link you have on this page of to discover all the information you need about this course. The center will inform you of everything without any obligation.

· What are the objectives of this course?

To strengthen their knowledge in business management. Enhance your management skills for decision making. To master the techniques and tools of management of the different functional areas of the organization. To develop a global and integrative vision of business management. Successfully tackle the new business trends in the environment. Improve and boost your professional career.

· Who is it aimed at?

The EAE Business School's online MBA program is designed to enable managers and experienced entrepreneurs to manage and act on change and develop in highly competitive environments and markets. To this end, it provides, from the management perspective, a global and strategic vision of the functional areas and their interrelation.

· Requirements

To gain access to the MBA-Master in business management, it is necessary to have a university degree and the professional experience will be valued. The professional experience allows sharing knowledge from the contributions of each participant, from their training and professional responsibility, in the situations that the teachers pose.

· Degree

Students who successfully complete the program will obtain a double degree in MBA-Master in Business management from EAE Business School and the University of Barcelona-IL3. The master has a workload load of 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System).

· What distinguishes this course from others?

Benefits for participating students: The participants know and learn from the real experiences of prestigious and recognized companies at national and international level. Alumni EAE is a joint initiative of students, alumni, faculty, and business community that offers service to the more than 70,000 current students and alumni who have been in school since 1958. Alumni aims to promote the career plan and give continuous training to all its members offering a wide range of services and advantages. Participants can attend the conferences, seminars and other activities organized by EAE Business School on a regular basis on topics of maximum interest to the student community. 

Students will have the opportunity to perform internships in different companies and institutions. These practices are a complement to the study and are developed in parallel to the MBA. The Professional careers Service is a support area for students and alumni. Our objective is to orient and accompany the student in the achievement of new professional objectives, as well as to adjust to the maximum their expectations and professional interests with the labor market.

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