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MBA the safe value of engineers

MBA the safe value of engineers

Engineering and business have not traditionally been fields that keep a close relationship, for example, it can happen between economics and business. But this has changed and more and more businesses are demanding the figure of the engineer at the top of the business pyramid.

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The MBA complements 100% of the training of engineers. At the moment, this profile of engineer with MBA is one of the most demanded. But this is not enough. English proficiency is also considered essential in any job offer and international experience is increasingly valued in large companies. In terms of competencies, companies value engineers ' ability to negotiate and dominate finances.

According to a report prepared by the European Centre for the development of professional vocation, the demand for graduates in these areas will grow by 14% in Europe until the year 2020. The impulse of the infrastructures, of the energy sector, of the industry and the automation, will generate the need of new managerial profiles that combine the knowledge of the area of the engineering with those of the economic and business management.

MBA for Engineers

For Fernando Doral, engineer and professor of Marketing and commercial management of the MBA in the School of Business and Management – ENyD, the educational institution that teaches online training in the different functional areas of the company, this master " come to cover the Lacks that engineers have in any area other than the technique. " In this sense, Doral says that "when engineers get to work we discover that, in addition to the engineering-specific know-how, we have a huge capacity to solve problems and we are accustomed to looking for information with the Total orientation to the solution of technical problems ".

But the problem comes when engineers begin to thrive in business. "We realize that we have large gaps in management and business areas, which limits our promotion." Therefore, he points out that an MBA can serve "to cover those gaps, which almost always paves the way for management in a definitive way."

In an MBA we touch all the essential areas that allow to acquire a generic vision of how a company works and this, enables to manage any of its functional areas. In the case of engineers, the previous base helps them to manage well with data and calculations, "an important pillar in management," specifies Fernando Doral.

In general terms, the labor market for engineers is rising, but it is becoming more and more demanding. Companies are asking for very specific profiles, demanding studies, experience outside the country and have languages. For this reason, it is essential that engineers continue to be trained in a continuous recycling of knowledge that allows them to live up to what the sector demands at the moment.

Fernando Doral advises taking an MBA to all those engineers who feel that their professional horizon "goes through some management responsibility within any area of the company" and adds that, an MBA is a platform "that enables for a qualitative leap Important that it is difficult to achieve with other programs. "

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