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The best time to pursue an MBA

The best time to pursue an MBA

Ejorar its situation in the labor market or within the company in which they work is the real obsession of many people today, who consider what strategies can contribute to dynamize their professional profile. One of the best options is to pursue an MBA because, although these are programs that require considerable economic investment, time and effort, the long-term advantages outweigh the investment to be made.

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If you are interested in the training related to the management and administration of companies, now is a good time to choose the MBA that will help you to promote your professional career.

Generalist or specific training?

The traditional goal of an MBA program is to give students a global vision of the roles of companies, and to develop a strategic approach, but, according to Antonella Patras, dean of the International University of Monaco, entrepreneurs also They need specialized knowledge applied to their sector of activity. And they need it immediately, they don't have time to spend on training along the new hirings. The solution is an MBA program that combines generalist training and comprehensive management preparation with the possibility of specialization in a specific sector, including preparation of students for an immediate employability and effectiveness of 100% From his first day at work.

In the search of courses of Online MBA College, you will be able to find the training in master and postgraduate grouped by subjects of study (Management of companies, commerce, economy, etc.) find the MBA that best fits your professional profile!

In December, the prestigious financial Times magazine published its ranking of the best European business Schools 2012. For the first time, IE Business School has achieved the first position, ousting the French HEC, which until now was the first place in the ranking of the best training centers for executives in Europe.

To prepare the classification, Financial Times has taken into account the partial classifications of the master in Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA, Masters in Management (Masters in Business Management) programs, and Executive training courses, obtained in 2012. As for the evaluation criteria, the newspaper has been based on the degree of internationalization of the different business schools and the projection of its programs. He has also analyzed the professional and salary progression of graduates.

The professional progression of graduates is more and more important for business schools. According to data published in the Wall Street Journal, the centers pay more and more attention to their job placement results, in particular, many current MBA's are incorporating experts in labor counseling to evaluate candidates at the time of their admission And to set the expectations of future students. Not only is the candidate chosen for its previous training and its results in the GMAT, it also takes into account what business school can offer in an uncertain labor market.

The objective of the MBA: to place the students at work

In many cases, the student's skills are sought to coincide with the needs of the industry. We must not forget that, as Oriol Amat, professor of financial economics and accounting at Pompeu Fabra University, and advisor to the National Securities Market Commission, business schools, jointly with university faculties and Other institutions of the education system have a fundamental role to play. To the extent that they transmit values and attitudes, as well as knowledge; And as long as they encourage people's commitment, corporate social responsibility, innovation, internationalization.

And it is that, despite the difficult economic situation and the difficulties in the search for jobs in all sectors, human resources specialists continue to see the MBA as the best guarantee to access the labor market, because, some of the most Prestigious members of the state, such as ESADE or IE Business School, presume to place 92% of their students in less than three months.

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