The psychological state of merchants

The psychological state of merchants

Each participant in the global financial market affects your emotions, directly or indirectly, to market fluctuations in the total initial factor shown in the analysis as a mass psychology.

On the other hand, various psychological states of the participants participate meaningfully in the process of making investment decisions, and psychological analysis highlighted the United name - common emotions of traders, it is very important to know their problems and how you can control.

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The most common are the object of analysis of the feelings of fear, despair, euphoria, pride, greed and so on. The influence of those psychological states in the negotiation process can have such a powerful effect for all traders who think they can focus on the opposite direction that has nothing to do with the degree of their knowledge and preparation in general for operations in foreign exchange.

The fact is that this type of phenomena, unfortunately common, and the reason for that is the gift of a little attention to the psychological aspect of a market analysis. Therefore, it is recommended that special attention should certainly focus on the control of emotions in order to achieve better results in the trade, and provided with a place among the winners who always outweigh the loss of mentality.

For these reasons, operators must first seek to preserve the overall positive attitude so that by changing their own convictions and beliefs, change their emotional states for winning results. As opportunities in everyday life and in Forex trading, all the experience accumulated over time has an impact on the interpretation of that man receives in his conscience. In a way, one could say that is an autosugestión which means that the above events are invited to help create a positive experience for the favorable climate.

Also, you can achieve the concentration of control emotions to another object (the case) that prejudge good aspect of trading, since such very effective methods, as it leads to increased confidence of traders. For example, when the market turned "against us" should strive to maintain good self-control in order not to lose the "land" and this should be pursued by focusing on the potential losses (Risk Control in accordance with money management included) stating that a certain loss can significantly jeopardize our trading account.

The same example, a statement makes enough for a trader feels "carefree" and emotionally relieving pressure due to negative market trends in space.

In addition, psychoanalysts advise traders modify physiology to change negative emotions. In fact, the practice of changing breathing is observed, facial expressions, body postures and the like, has a significant impact on the emotional state of each person, regardless of trying, but equally useful to apply in Forex trading.

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