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Top 11 Masters Online at a distance

Top 11 Masters Online at a distance

Learn 11 best Online Masters at a distance

If you have in mind to continue your professional training through the Internet, we present you 11 of the best options that you will be able to find today. It should be noted that within the wide range of online masters or online courses available, there are studies of all kinds. The advantages? Each one of these programs can be done in the comfort of your home.

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Many of these masters are aimed at people with some experience, who do not seek to simply go to the job market if they do not perfect all their knowledge and be at the forefront of their respective fields of work.

Here are 11 master options that you should consider.

1. Unite (International University of La Rioja)

The International University of La Rioja stands out on our list using a methodology that mixes the traditionalism of the classrooms with the virtual proposals of distance universities. Unlike other cases in which the scheme depends on the chosen subject, here all will have a note distribution of 4 points equivalent to the continuous evolution of the student and 6 belonging to a final exam. It is one of the most complete online universities as far as teacher training is concerned. Finally, to unite is a university approved and authorized by the Ministry of Education to grant official qualifications with full validity in Spain and throughout the European area of higher education.

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The OBS business School has at its disposal the master Global MBA, considered as the best online Master in Spanish on business. 

His profile of students are professionals of more than 30 years and with experience of more than 5 years, who have advanced knowledge about the world of business and seek excellence.

3. OBS online Business School-Master in Marketing and commercial management

To date, there are 16 editions of this master's degree considered in the year 2014 as the best postgraduate in marketing given in the Spanish language. It lasts 12 months through online methodology, and its investment value is 6,200 euros.

4. OBS online Business School-Master in Human resources management

This Master is dedicated to those people who seek to become great leaders in managing working groups. The OBS Online Business School offers you the possibility to expand your knowledge in this master's program directed by professional experts in the area. The value of the investment for this program is 5,800 euros.


This master is designated by the Ibero-American training Ranking as the best Spanish Master in operations and logistics. The Master in Supply Chain Management is aimed at managers in the area of operations that understand the logistic processes as high added value for their companies, and use them to increase the competitiveness of their company.  Its cost is 6,200 euros.

6. OBS Online BUSINESS SCHOOL-Master in DATA MANAGEMENT and technological innovation

Awarded as one of the 5 most innovative Masters of Ibero-America, this master has a duration of 12 months with an investment of 5,800 euros.

OBS's master in Data management and technological innovation is designed to offer managers and professionals (data Manager) The keys to managing an organization's information systems, taking special care of the Data Environment Management and, more specifically, the BigData.

7. European Postgraduate Institute (IEP) – MBA Online

Currently, his online program of Studies is among the best in the world, highlighting the specialties of finance, project management, marketing and sales and digital marketing.

Ideal for professionals who want to delve into business and business areas online.

8. School of Industrial Organization – Executive Master in renewable energies

The executive Master in renewable energies aims to train professionals capable of analyzing the energy potential and identify the problems of their respective countries, know the most advanced tools and solutions and learn how to manage Business and technologically resources more efficiently.

Its investment value is price 9,000 euros.

9. School of Industrial Organization – Master's degree in sustainable development and corporate responsibility

The essential objective of this program is to train professionals in the planning and integral management of the environment. The EOI is highlighted by its business school but even more so with its postgraduate studies related to the environment.

It was the first business school to certify its environmental management system in the year 2005.

10. IDE-CESEM Business School-Master in Information technology management

The Masters in Information Technology management focuses on developing the concepts and skills to form people capable of giving answers and solutions to computerized companies, which have had to go through complex processes of change and have given Place to new forms and ways of working.

11. IMF Business School-Master in Occupational risk prevention

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