What are the brokers and online trading platform

What are the brokers and online trading platform

For online trading, we must be good and brokers. A broker is a financial investment company, to which we are connected with the opening of an account after shooting to do. By this, we want to emphasize that the selection of brokers with which it operates should be with the utmost caution. In short, the broker is an intermediary between us and the financial markets in which we invest.

What are the brokers and online trading platform, Forex Broker, Forex,

Today, most online brokers working in order to offer their services to retailers worldwide. Broker provides access to the trading platform: trading platform is a program through which you can manage its investment operations, A 'through the trading platform you can decide which assets to invest, how to invest, how to invest (up or below), and so on; then you can set and manage them as you wish. But also to deposit money in the account for trade and withdraw money.

There are trading platforms in 3 different ways:

platform web-based: This means you only have to log on to a broker and the negotiation program is available through normal browsers website which listed below (Google Chrome) (Firefox) (Opera) (Internet Explorer).

Download support: This means that you will need to download the platform of the broker website and install it on your computer. Do not worry, the online trading platform does not provide a lot space on your hard disk.

mobile platform is online trading platforms available for Android phones and tablets (iOS and Android and Windows Phone). The platforms are developed for use in mobile phones with small screens.

It is important to note that each broker offers different trading platform: there are middlemen that do not offer mobile platforms. Others, however, offer only a platform for downloading, but not web-based. However, today, almost all brokers offer a web-based platform that can be downloaded platforms, and almost all brokers are improving and developing mobile platforms for their clients.

Brokers can also offer educational services as well as a training and research online (with field guides and video tutorials) and online courses, such as online seminars (made by members of its staff, financial analysts) . Each broker provides a help desk and customer support in white: for all kinds of matter, there is always someone to turn to.

The peculiarity of greater value to the merchant has been the demo account. Then in the section What is a demo account and how it can be useful.

Accounts for online trading are divided into real account and demo account. In the first case, you use real cash to make online trading. In the case of the demo account using virtual money: This means you never put at risk its capital. For this reason, DMO accounts are very useful for the novice trader.

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