what is forex market

What is Forex?

What is Forex?

The largest financial market in the world currency. The word Forex means foreign exchange market or forex market. Besides the title of the currency in use remain "FX", "Forex retail", "FX Spot".Forex is today the world's largest financial market, with a daily turnover of more than 5 500 millions of dollars. By comparison, the New York Stock Exchange has a turnover of 25 billion dollars daily.

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The issue of trade in Forex is money. Currency trading is the buying of one currency and selling another currency at a time, and the benefit is obtained by changing course. The goal is to buy a currency whose value will grow or sell these currencies is expected to decline in value. Currencies are traded in pairs. Each pair consists of two currencies. The first currency is called the base currency (base currency) other currency (quote currency). The most famous pair of EUR / USD, which is the currency of the Euro and the counter currency - USD. Of course, you can operate and a number of other pairs consisting of coins from different countries (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, ...).

In addition to currency pairs in Forex is possible oil, gold, silver and other precious metals, stock indexes in the world and many other financial instruments trade. Unlike other stock exchanges, Forex has no physical headquarters. There is an electronic network consisting of major financial institutions. Transactions are carried out directly between the two parties, by telephone or via an electronic network. Forex is an interbank Fair, which means that trade is decentralized. You may trade almost nonstop. Trade is handled electronically through the banking network 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The development of Internet currency is open to all companies, investment managers, as well as for individuals.

the forex market opens (after the world, ie., Our time) in 23 hours in the week and closes on Friday at 23 hours. During the day there are several stations that match the hours, the world's largest exchange:

London, starting at 9:00 am at the Central European Time

New York, 14:00
Sydney, 2300 hours
Tokyo, 1:00 AM

Currency trading is more lively during the season London and New York as the most important changes in the value of the currency.

Before 1990, only moguls could trade Forex. The initial investment required is more than 10 million. Today it is completely different. The emergence and development of the Internet make possible access to trading currencies very small investors, is the ordinary people.

Today you can start trading with an account of only $ 100 can hardly cover the commission to open an account in other financial markets. All you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and information. Forex non-commercial costs, fees, hidden costs, the cost of a broker - in fact, there is no cost at all! Mediator creates its profits through the difference between buying and selling prices. Because of its size is very liquid currency - always buyers and sellers of the currency, but you can always sell or buy a currency.

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