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When to go to study abroad? Find the right time!

When to go to study abroad? Find the right time!

This is one of the first questions that we have to ask ourselves as part of our project. When to go abroad? At what point can I leave enthusiastically, despite everything I leave behind? And when am I allowed to leave, given my academic background?

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These questions are recurring among students and sometimes remain unanswered. So we're going to see when going abroad seems sensible, both professionally and personally.

After which graduation?

(For a description of the university system of each country, go to the corresponding article "Country > > The university system")

Whatever the degree you are preparing, you must begin the steps to go abroad as early as November/December in order to meet the deadlines.

Studying abroad after the Babazade BAC: Integrating a foreign school after the BAC is quite possible. The entries are made from November of the year of passage of the BAC for most countries. For countries in the European area, most countries have their own registration system similar to our "Post-BAC Admission" site.

So for the UK, you will have to go through "UCAS " and Ireland the "CAO ". The approaches are similar and the difficulty is only through the comprehension of the language. You can enter programs in 3 years or 4 years depending on the countries, similar to our licenses, which are for the vast majority accepted without problem in France today (Bachelor of Arts, of Honor...)

Study abroad after the DUT/BTSUn BTS/OTC: It is possible to integrate many programs in 3 or 4 years in the third year abroad. These diplomas such as the Bachelor or the Bachelor of Honor, are recognized in France as the equivalent of the license or Master 1. They then allow you to integrate the major schools or to continue your studies in the university.

Again, you will need to go through the country-specific registration system (e.g.: "UCAS " in the United Kingdom, per file for each university in Canada or the United States). It is also possible to go through his IUT to prepare a Dueti in partnership with a foreign university.

Studying abroad after a LicenceUne license: it is possible to integrate many courses leading to a master level, you will have to accept the equivalence of your diploma in the country concerned. In the vast majority of countries, enrolment in universities from this cycle (e.g. Postgraduate in the United States) is done only on file and sometimes with maintenance. Universities are quite selective at this level and often ask for good results.

Master students are welcome in most foreign countries, provided they have a good view very good record, once the equivalence of the accepted diploma. So recruitment is on file. At this level, many state aid is available.

When to go to study abroad?

It is admitted that it is better to leave at least one semester, but the idea is to stay at a minimum one year see more.

It is especially at the personal level that a decision has to be taken. In fact, the brakes in this project are numerous, so a thorough reflection is necessary in order to avoid regrets. To go abroad is to give up at least for a time his family, his friends, his living environment and much of our habits. So you have to feel ready to go and don't do it too early. Conversely, we must not wait too long before it is too late, and this departure will put too much of the project into question.

In the end, everyone has a "good time " to leave, whether alone, with a friend, his or her boyfriend, at age 18 as at 24, it must not be forgotten that it should not be a constraint but a pleasure for the experience to be truly beneficial.

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