Why trading Forex?

Why trading Forex?

There are many reasons to operate the foreign exchange market. Some of the reasons why so many people chose this market:

No Commission: Trade FOREX do not have to pay commissions to anyone, even the stock market, state and agent. Brokers are compensated for their services through something called the difference between supply and demand, ie buying and selling prices, the spread of the call, but somewhat later.

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There is no intermediary: currency trading eliminates intermediaries and allows to trade in the market.

There is no fixed order size (lot) for day trading: Forex market alone determine the size of your account. It allows operators to participate in the market with accounts from $ 100 with most brokers, although there are runners with the minimum bet to $ 1.

Low transaction costs: usual transaction costs (the difference between buying and selling) is typically less than 0.1% under normal market conditions. larger Brokers may be lower, about 0.07%.

24 hours a day: market opens on Sunday at 11:00 am and closing on Friday at 22.00, but variable opening and closing, all depending on the broker to broker. This is ideal for those who want to trade in their free time, because you can choose to swap the morning, afternoon or evening.

No one can have an impact on trade: the square (market) currency is huge and has so many retailers no power that can control the market prices for a longer period.

Forex market the small blind can use to control margins a value much larger total contract. Lever the dealer the opportunity to make a good profit while reducing risk in an investment to a minimum. For example, the Forex broker offers leverage of 200: 1 volume, which means that with $ 50 the role of a trader can buy or sell coins worth $ 10,000. Similarly, with $ 500, you can be negotiated with $ 100,000 and so on. Here we must turn attention to the lever is a sword with two blades. Without proper risk management, this high amount of leverage can move huge profits as well as perfidy.

High liquidity: Forex market is very large and therefore very liquid. This means that under normal market conditions, with a click of a mouse, you can now buy and sell their choice, ie. There is always a supply and demand and can not happen if you have decided to '' out '' of trading has nothing to sell its commercial counterpart, or simply get stuck in the store. You can even build your online trading program automatically close an open position to benefit arm length (limit order or take / profit), or close if the trade goes against you (stop loss).

Free accounts "demo", news, charts and market analysis: Most online Forex broker offers a 'demo' accounts to trade Forex training, news and charts. It's all free! They are very valuable for traders who want to test their trading skills with virtual money and before the actual account (live) and risking real money resources.

Accounts "micro" and "Mini" online Forex brokers offer "mini" and "micro" merchant accounts, some with a minimum bet of $ 100 or even less. Our recommendation is not to open a real account with a small role, but that's exactly why the Forex available for every man and even poorer with no large initial capital to trade.

What would it cost me to start trading Forex?

Online currency account ( "micro") can be opened with $ 100. Our recommendation is that the micro has a minimum of $ 1500 and to recommend mini account wagering at least $ 5,000 to start. First, it depends on the strategies used, but especially careful money management, regardless of the amount of deposits into your account. It is recommended that a commercial risk more than 2-3% of the accounts and that the level should not risk more than 5% of their own.

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