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Write your online file for the university, what to do and not do:

Write your online file for the university, what to do and not do:

Register online at the UniversitéAvec the democratization of the Internet, more and more universities are proposing online registrations when it is not the whole of the higher education of the country which adopts an application system (post-BAC Admission, UCAS, CAO). But beware, if it has many advantages, students do not have the same way of responding to this type of support and tend to make mistakes that they would not have done during a classic inscription.

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Here's what to do and not do when registering online at a university!

Things to do when you register online at the university:

1. You must create usernames, passwords, and identification numbers that you can easily recall while remaining complex enough to prevent piracy. Don't forget to keep them in writing so you don't forget them.

2. Print and save a complete copy of your registration file to avoid any inconvenience.

3. Ask someone to correct your file before sending it to avoid a maximum of errors and misspellings especially as an international student, not always very comfortable with English or the language of the country.

4. Print several times the confirmation page that appears after you send your files. It often contains all the essential information to follow the evolution of your application in the different universities to which you applied.

5. Call the universities that did not send you confirmation of receipt of your file by mail under 48 hours. Since it is not always perfect, sometimes some files get lost, which can be problematic.

Things not to do when registering online at universities:

Online University Registration

1. Fill out the application file lightly. The support has may be changed, but the importance remains the same, as students tend to take less seriously the online approaches.

2. Send your application online and then in the paper version at the same university. This will make things confusing for them, and you may be in a vertical position, as this double application may be an attempt to cheat.

3. Apply online the week before the application deadline. Due to the number of important students having this bad habit, the website will tend to be slower to see no longer being available in the face of the too large volume of requests.

4. Be too quick to click. Take your time to read each page, follow the directions, and complete each step carefully. You must be sure not to miss any information, especially as an international student, whose knowledge of the language and the foreign country can be punitive.

5. Forget on a regular basis not to save his work. You may be disconnected from the Internet, or from the site after a certain amount of time, and there is a good chance that all your work will be lost. So save every 15 minutes in one way or another to avoid this kind of annoyance.

6. Write your cover letter in the allotted time (often 45-50 minutes). Prepare your cover letter next, and put it online when finished. Feel free to have it corrected by someone competent.

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